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  • JoeBallbags
    Go to level 80. Don't avoid experience.

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  • Brutal_Hobo
    you dont want to "not level"
    maybe first go to level 64 and sit there if anything
    (farm your 60 gear, running moon nm daily)
    that way you can take advantage of events and be in the 60s battlegrounds

    it will be hard at first but you will gain br from there.

    work on talents
    first maxing your stealth skill, that is the most important

    ALWAYS save your resources
    sc, mtw, fate stones, gems etc.
    for events
    the gain might not be much but it helps in the long run
    do dimensions daily that will bring a steady mahra/sepulcrum income
    get a better sylph. you will need one for dps
    cerb or hercules, so pump all resources into one of those
    earlier level spire is really good to do, the kyanite is amazing and helps a lot

    building gems is the hardest thing but at your level i suggest
    8 attack
    8 hp
    8 crit
    4 mdef
    4 pdef
    later on you can experiment more with it, factoring in block

    your astrals are good but i would level to 60 as i said, put in that block and goddess blessing while also levelling them (open that other slot)
    later on when you hit 80 you'll also want to experiment astrals with more % based ones

    farm enough bb from dimensions and that cloud adventures
    open double skills, make a path that gets incendiary shot and armour piercer
    (AS, MS, AP is a much better wb combo than the delphic set up)

    save your runestones as well, guardian rune and heal rune is a must have for pve events

    thats all i can think of now, i quit so idk any new events like others might

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  • R2107348701
    I'm lvl 59 and a completely free player. My BR is up to 104k now (been playing since server opened so I think 2 months). the secret is HOARD. hoard like a mofo!

    I would stop doing spire and tok (just enter tok and leave for the 10 shadow thingies). Focus only on cata and mpd for exp. You should be doing these everyday to get lots of gems and tokens, but most importantly god NM for legendary stones. DO WORLD BOSS EVERYDAY!! This is your main source of gold. I would pump the gold into enchanting your gear, followed by either guild skills or astrals. Both are HUGE BR boosters. I always get sad when I see high 50s or even 60s and they have low BRs because their astrals are ****. with the star points you get, start getting red astrals.

    You basically need to do everything you can everyday and hoard items. Don't engrave soul crystals until there's a soul crystal event, don't use mount whips until there's a mount whip event, don't make high lvl gems unless there's a gem event, etc.

    It definitely takes a while, but you'll soon start to see your BR jump. Basically, hoard and do everything you can everyday (specifically GoD NM, treasure maps, arena, BG, jewel hunt, fishing, etc)

    Hope that helps! Ask anymore questions you want

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  • R293072245
    On talents: can't up this without leveling up, since the next level takes less xp than the next talent costs. So I'm not worried about that one.

    As for the Runes.... I can't FIND ANY - ANYWHERE!!!! gah.

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  • R293072245
    Here's some more of it:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	astrals.JPG
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Size:	55.1 KB
ID:	1708840Click image for larger version

Name:	clothes.JPG
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Size:	25.8 KB
ID:	1708841Click image for larger version

Name:	runes.JPG
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Size:	54.1 KB
ID:	1708842Click image for larger version

Name:	skills.JPG
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Size:	59.6 KB
ID:	1708843Click image for larger version

Name:	slyph.JPG
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Size:	89.0 KB
ID:	1708844Click image for larger version

Name:	talents.JPG
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Size:	66.1 KB
ID:	1708845Click image for larger version

Name:	titles.JPG
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Size:	12.7 KB
ID:	1708846

    I think that about covers it.

    Like I said - HELP! LOL!

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  • R2sucksbad
    dont forget clothing and titles.

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  • igors0698
    myself 50-59 where everything happened I did lvl from 49 only having 25kbr Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_1.png
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Name:	Screenshot_2.png
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Name:	Screenshot_3.png
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Name:	Screenshot_4.png
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Name:	Screenshot_5.png
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Name:	Screenshot_6.png
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Name:	Screenshot_8.png
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Name:	Screenshot_7.png
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Name:	Screenshot_9.png
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Size:	424.5 KB
ID:	1708838 my gems are level 8 and there is to many other things to mention and don't forget to socket your equipment and sylph
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  • R293072245
    stupid attachments... sry.

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  • R293072245
    One thing - I'm not interested in starting over with a new char. Even at this point it can be fixed, which, honestly, is easier than starting over. :/
    Here are some shots of the basic info on the toon:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1self.JPG
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Size:	67.3 KB
ID:	1708820Click image for larger version

Name:	3battleprotection.JPG
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Name:	4dragonsoul.JPG
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Name:	5charscreen.JPG
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Name:	6screenbonuses.JPG
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Size:	55.2 KB
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Name:	7BRlist.JPG
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Size:	54.9 KB
ID:	1708826
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  • igors0698
    Hmmmmm lets say try to get as many free mounts as possible, guild skills level 10, astrals red and orange, academy,do dimensions every day if you can, jewel hunt, in out of tok,do arena as much as possible to get league insignia, fate,gems and soul engraving.

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  • R293072245
    Hmm. Good advice to both perspectives. To the first: Can't buy balens as a FREETOPLAY player. Although, I'm all ears as to ways to gain more! :3
    As to the second - I agree. That was what I have been doing. But it isn't working too well atm.

    I'll lay out my toon here, so that everyone can see how screwed up it currently is. Have to take a few Pics of it first, so be a few hours, perhaps.

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  • fenrir67
    there is a difference between getting stronger for your level and slow leveling.
    i wouldnt put the focus on stop getting exp but rather getting useful exp.
    cata is a good place to get gems so you could do that daily, mp spire and tok however are useless to most features (tho tok can be done once a while). make sure you participate in every event (non cash ofc) and hoard as many stuff as possible.
    i also recommend to do dimensional maps. you could skip mobs to reduce exp, however it's important that you make sure you can atleast do the maps for getting the rewards.

    treasure hunt is very important, it's a great way to reduce dmg in pve and pvp. i think a good set up is going to do wonders because ive seen some players with many different set, while for best pve set up you want 1 high resistance and for pvp light, dark, electro are good to go.

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  • FufuBunnySlayer
    Buy a ton of balens.

    Buy every mount you can and balen whip them to max.
    Buy mahra direct and make your slyph oj.
    Do 120 gold alchemy/day and balen wb to get those astrals up there.
    Buy those gems in shop. Have a GREAT sale on lvl 8 and lvl 9 gems at the moment. You should take advantage.
    Buy extra plunder attempts so you can get more gold and kyanite, too.

    Or you can sit at lvl w/e for the next 6 months and call yourself a god at pvp as you slowly build up to be "good for your level".

    You'll also continue to fall further and further behind anyone who decides to not camp.

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