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Suggestion for Sylph Atoll Rewards

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  • Suggestion for Sylph Atoll Rewards

    we all know few people do sylph atoll because rewards are not worth the time so nobody does it. instead of only giving the random prize to random people give the prize to the top ten people or to everyone and you can rip us off by making the odds impossible do something and for the participation requirement drop it there no point no one comes so no one gets the prize its not fair for those that do the event. rewards add something worth coming for lower players have no reason of coming only the top 10 get anything good. the only reason low levels would have come is for the random prize but no comes so it's out of the question. your rewards needs to be rethought out stop catering to the payers. this event needs the lower players to want to come for it to work. give them a reason !
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    it's true atoll boss is not loved. rewards are low if you aren't first or last hit dealer with enough people
    giving good rewards for at least first 5 group and no limit for last hit chest would really help
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