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This Marriage thing

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  • This Marriage thing

    Hey R2 plus ppl

    I am one of those happy married ppl in wartune. Im all on the idea but you ppl have to work on the plus ideas. this is what I think would be great add-ons for ppl so they actually do use the system and get married (which gives R2 money) and the ppl who fight with them will be in better fights from the couples buffs as they are harder to kill.... unless they are low BR then all die fast!

    - options to share items and/or give them to your partner as ex.. if he is maxed on SC .. I can get them and vice versa.. would be handy to share SC, SS, loids, leg stones, sylph stuff (ppl could grow faster which ppl are looking for - meaning BR growth not lvl growth)
    - the Heart2heart option.. very neat and we nail it everytime but the drops could be hearts to upgrade rings instead of rose hazel for MS
    - the MS run daily.. part of the marriage thing.. not fun part but it needs to be done I get that but you ppl have to do some extra gift for when ppl have done 100 runs or some titel for best MS lvl server wise
    - the ring upgrade.. I get it you ppl want money since the hearts drop so rare.. i just think you ppl would get more ppl to see the idea if ppl could upgrade the rings as couple.. and not as each has to upgrade.

    That will be Mrs Ice. Proud female part of the Ice couple on S67 /Kabam

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    I have also been thinking that the marriage system needs some additives perhaps a shared inventory area that you can use to send items back and forth or just for us to have some extra space since we have none left with all of the tings that have been added recently. Also a gift shop where you can buy and send items to your spouse and or other people would be a good addition too.


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      Divorce needs to be cheaper. My friend and I that married are now stuck, since she quit and divorce takes 4000 unbound balens in order to take place. I also don't have access to that account, so can't do anything on that end.
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        the idea about a marriage gift shop were you can gift your spouse or buy marriage things.. that would be cool. The whole idea about being able to gift your spouse I like in generel or some ..hmm.. like if I balen up - he get some surprise gift or something like that. As long I feel like I get something out of it.. I dont mind spending, its just lately the spending have felt like R2 going balls deep on you and not using lube first or ask you to dinner first.

        I hear you about the divorce price, are you sure you can't talk to R2 about getting out when the other player stopped playing. It sounds insane. The upside is.. at least they made a divorce option
        That will be Mrs Ice. Proud female part of the Ice couple on S67 /Kabam


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          almost forgot... why dont the rings work in GB and wilds? Its team fights and the adv of rings in GB would be very neat indeed.
          That will be Mrs Ice. Proud female part of the Ice couple on S67 /Kabam