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"Find Friend" should be replaced with "Members List"

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  • "Find Friend" should be replaced with "Members List"

    When I look at the "Find Friend" screen that shows me only 1 page, but then refreshes after I've added EVERYONE on the previous one, it makes me wish you guys created a simpler way of finding GOOD ACTIVE players.

    So, R2. I know you guys can't change something without 7th Road's approval, but this suggestion I think will get them to approve the change: Make a "Member List" (completely replacing the "Find Friend") that has pages of every single member in that server.
    And instead of forcing us to add them to find out if they are or are not apart of group, an whatever other stuff that we can only see by getting that "View" option through either chat or friend list, add the "View" option as well as the "Guild Invite" option to the list so we don't have to go through friend lists or chat to find members for our respective guilds.
    On top of this, an this will help out ALL guilds (as well as players looking for active farmers), add that "Offline counter" to the list so we all know how active a player is in the server.

    And I know you guys can do this (expecting you guys to say "can't be done cause of bull bull bull") otherwise the rankings list would not exist (rankings for players levels, strengths, catacomb level reached, an honors, an rankings for guilds levels, strengths, an with GvG coming around most likely a Guild Honor list will be added).

    Separate from above suggestion:
    1) Clearly this has been posted dozens of times with hundreds of "+1" - ADD A FILTER IN CHAT FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS!! It is not help anymore. IT. IS. SPAM. How many players have to complain about this before you guys (and 7th Road) realizes that this feature is starting to not be asked for, BUT DEMANDED. Non Cash & Cash players alike WANT this feature. ADD IT!!
    2) Battleground Related - I seriously doubt that I am alone on this one, but I am REALLY getting sick of players joining just to SIT THERE!! There should an auto kick feature added to BG. IF a player sits there for 2 minutes AFTER the battle has started, that player gets removed from the BG game that he/she joined. Why do I ask this to be implemented? Cause I have played dozens of BG games where at least several players just sit there (they are not grayed/dead, they are clearly alive) ruining the game for the rest of the team that are working their butts off. To be fair, IF you guys add ths feature, add with a little popup that warns the player that they will be kicked in 10 seconds if they don't click "OK" - however if it happens again, then no warning, just autokick.
    Please add that to BG, PLEASE!
    Hear My Voice & FEEL MY WRATH!!

    Sarcasm is a language I am fluent in, you have been warned!