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quick question about crit rate

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  • quick question about crit rate

    hey guys, I have been looking around about crit rate, and it turns out that it caps at 80%, and to get this your crit has to be 20% of your attack (ty thethrell). I am currently a level 58 mage with 35.5k attack and 9k crit so my crit rate is pretty bad. However, when I go into sylph mode, my attack is higher and I get almost perfect crit rate. Can anyone confirm if sylph attack is factored in? because if it is then it would be better to optimize ur crit for sylph mode since most battles are decided here. Just converted to crit a few weeks ago so Im a noob XD

    P.S. does sylph pdef and mdef get added to ur stats when awakened like with attack?

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    Yes sylph PDEF and MDEF do get added to your PDEF and MDEF when you awaken.


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      No one here has a definitive answer. They can tell you how they are doing with their own toon but that is not a solid predictor of how yours will do. So many things effect crit in different ways in different parts of the game. Personally I've seen no big increase going past 15% and and actual decrease when i went past 20%. It's my opinion that if you are getting more crits after you transform then you have too much crit on your toon.