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    I have 2 sylphs at lvl 68, 1 Iris and 1 Hercules. The only difference between the 2 is that Iris has a req. lvl 50 and Hercules a req. lvl 60. For some reason it will let me refine Iris but when I try Hercules it says he doesn't meet the requirements. What gives?

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    Hercules is already refined, its base sylph is need to make it orange quality and level 80 i think to refine it further


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      Hmm... I didn't refine an Eve to get my Hercules. I got him through a Hot Events thing. That sucks that I would have to get him to lvl 80 and orange to be able to refine him. Thanks though for the reply.


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        Thank you gruntar for a reply. Just thought I'd add onto it..

        There are a few different stages of sylph, here they are:

        First stage are the ones you can catch in sylph atoll - Iris, Pan, Amazon Queen, and Eve
        there are also the event Apollo and Hades in this group.

        Second stage is 'first evolution', and are the evolution forms of the first group. These include Triton, Medusa, Cerberus, and Hercules respectively. If you did not receive these in any event, you will need to refine using the respective element star tear x10, 1000 star sand and 5mil gold. For Athena and Gaia, an extra 500 divinity shards are also required. The sylph you are wishing to refine also needs to be purple quality with a minimum level of 60.

        Third stage is 'second evolution', and the details you need are found here.

        Hope this is helpful for future sylph evolution. Happy Gaming!
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          Thank you both for the replies, you especially Mentor_WTT. Makes more sense to me now. Thanks again to both of you. PS The link you referred to for the "second evolution" details doesn't have anything in it about refining, it does have somewhat useful information just nothing about sylph refining.
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            One more detail that is good to know - first evolution sylphs are stronger, the equivalent of a non-evolved sylph one rarity lower. So a blue hercules is the same strength as a purple eve.

            Second evolution doesn't add any strength, just allows more upgrades, but those upgrades use advanced mahra and sepulcrum, so you do want to make sure they're fully maxed before you go and evolve them.


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              Thank you for the extra info.