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  • Wartune versions?

    I must start with, that I do consider Wartune as the best online game available! But... The game has gotten really spoiled with replacing troops in Class Wars with Sylphs! I really don't have time nor money to work on 3 sylphs, so it really trashes all my game experience - I constantly loose to weaker players, as soon as they summon their sylphs!

    So the question is: Is there somewhere a place I could play Wartune with CW without sylphs and with 55 arena set? I cant understand what were you guys thinking with such unappealing changes for most of the players! There's no more competition - winner is not the smartest player, but only the richest. Also the time consumption of the game has risen a loooooot! Not working for me and, I bet, for many other players who also has their personal lives...

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    you can try the mobile version that kabam has
    IGN: princestewii
    Class: Archer
    Server: Kabam 86