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Quick mount question, rest or mount, benefits?

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  • Quick mount question, rest or mount, benefits?

    Ok, so if i'm resting or mounted, are there any benefits to either? what is this supposed to do?

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    yea i wonna know this too


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      nothing as far as i know

      if you wanna walk, then walk


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        u should do tht,resting mount should at least gave some exp to the stable


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          Rest means you dismount, you walk on feet. click same button again this time it say Mount, and you're back on.

          Doing it too much will cause cooldown. Short one.

          Stats remain unaffected
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            But, if you walk on your feet, you'll move slower.
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              Hehehe, I'm giggling reading this thread because we have a very smart guildie that was gotten with a joke. He asked about resting his mount, he was convinced that if you didn't rest it, it would die. He actually did an entire Void run on his feet, when someone else asked the same question and was told an honest answer that there is no difference between being mounted or unmounted as far as stats go and your horse won't die.. the guild member said but I was told and did blah blah.... we really had a good laugh over that one.

              The only difference between being mounted and unmounted is the speed in which your character moves.

              Yeah, he's SOOOOOOO romantic

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