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VIP wheel a hoax

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  • VIP wheel a hoax

    I have been a VIP member and used many VIP tokens on your VIP wheel. But I had never ever gotten any gems out of it.

    If it is placed on the wheel, I expect the chances to be equal.

    But I used to get only those silly seeds and comparatively useless things, even when I spin the wheel 8 times. In fact, I always do that, and yet I NEVER get even a lvl 2 gem.

    So please... if you want to fool the players this way, we can just walk away. If it isn't meant to be a fair wheel, then don't put the items there in the first place.

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    The VIP wheel is still a scam as usual.
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      Seen people getting those gems, so we know the chances to get the items are not equal.

      Especially between green items, blue items purple items and orange items.

      And individual items varies. Example, I almost always get 20k gold, 60k gold, then the 500k gold... even though they are all green items.

      When you accept that it is NOT fair, you kindda can expect what to get from the wheel.....

      Not that I like it, but I do hope there's one time I can win a lvl 6 or above gem...


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        Hey getting 3m gold from that vip wheel makes up for those gems to me at least. Be happy theres no more junk seeds in there and you actually can get decent stuff like 500k golds.


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          The Current **** is better than old ****, so that is an improvement


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            ya 3mil gold is real nice vips will have lvl 10 astrals while the rest of us will be struggling to get lvl 6.gimme some of those 500k spins please
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              bla bla bla... still whining over VIP wheel? at least they made some improvement... u said seed is crappy... let me ask you again... how crappy it is?... live with it... the wheel just for bonus for VIP... compared to those non-vip that cannot even used vip tokens u still whining this and that... be grateful just once they make it up, made improvement, just think like this... u r not lucky enuff to hit rare items... no hard feeling... just get over with it... get real and smile while saying the world really full with incredible and **** thing...
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                They still make the lowest value item get picked like always, so it is still a scam. Lucky I rerolled the VIP wheel to get L1 Victory Seed as the lowest valued one before the update.

                Now, I will get going to farm those 10+ Victory Seeds
                The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!