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  • New credit card Payment

    Read the next post same thing as this one was in a way less swears..
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    My account shows 3x 299.99 trying to go thru and I did once on my account history is there some kinda error going on also shows a 5.00 one which I never do.
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      Hello DarkSt0rm,

      I'm sure you're expecting me to say this, because I am: Please provide screenshots and details to tickets (billing department) so they can investigate the matter further. If it's anything to do with the new payment system, they will let you know.
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        hey dark watch it the fake ones will come off i get a lot of fake double charges here as well as in recharge ones three diff once show up as pending on my online bank statement but they never try to take the money the 3 times easily recognizes it as ghost chargers with the same order number or whatever they call the number they use

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          Ya it did it was odd But ty it came off.Kinda odd that u get double charges but only one actually post.