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    The rumor mill is saying that an upcoming patch will remove the need for gem transposers. That's awesome, but one little thing: those transposers were in the regular market and in the mystery market. Since some older players paid bound balen (and possibly real money) for these items, eliminating them without compensation is a rip off. Do the devs have any plans to compensate players for the balen/bound balen spent to purchase an item that they then eliminate the need for?

    As you can tell by the subject line, I consider it highly unlikely, but just putting the thought out there. Maybe R2 will try to get the devs to treat players fairly for a change...

  • #2
    they do this all the time.....

    at one time things cost...but eventually they move the free area

    thing is...if you spent real money, that's your own damn fault


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      Necro used to require 3 ck to enter and now it's free, it's pretty much the same thing.


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        No one's eliminating anything. Everyone is just getting them for free, so those who spent paid for the privilege of having high level gems all this time, and not being stuck with level 5s. Nothing there would justify the consideration of compensation.

        They already did the same thing with resistance crystal formulas, only difference was that very few people bought higher level formulas before.


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          Treat it as sale.

          Whoever bought previously has the same feeling like in discount sale, so I do not expect R2 will return the difference to players. Or you feel grocery stores upon sale pay back all the previous customers?


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            you got the higher gems earlier & go further in places that rewards you by going further, how is this 'compensation' comparing to the balens you paid for them?

            i don't think they would compensate for it, especially considering for how long you would have to wait before gem scrolls become free (3+ years!!!). if they do, i bet those who paid for a sylph 2nd refinement or a merge would demand a full refund (and i'd be happy because i recharged for a zeus) considering how short the wait time really was.

            for older players such as my main, i'd be happy to get some balens back, but no complaint if none.
            but for my alt, who just paid for the gem scrolls 2 months back & only made 1 lvl9 gem (plus a matching from event), it's a little regrettable lol


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              For those who have been playing 3 years, yes we got our advantage that we paid for. The items are still on the market though. Newer players don't always follow the rumors or the forums. There are probably people buying transposers right now who will be angry when this patch comes out. Sure, they'll get the rest for free, but they'll also be out the balen or bb they spent to get it a few weeks early...