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basic dims

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  • basic dims

    has anyone got anything aside from the eudy card flips from a basic dim since maintenance?

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    just random, doesnt matter what dim you do, can get mines, offerings etc. for all the dims.

    basic and inter i walk fast trought, most of the time i find more then (dont know where the logic is)

    adv and exp i walk slow, and clear so i could see all spots, fight adv, exp and master mobs for mahra's, sepl.
    ING: Eukkie changed name to â€*Evilâ€*Witchâ€*, changed it back to Eukkie
    Server: S444 Silent Arena
    Char: Knight
    Lvl: 80
    Br: 6m and crowing.
    Main Sylph: Arise
    Guard: Oracle