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Another Annoying Game "feature"

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  • Another Annoying Game "feature"

    Why does my title change to those stupid army rank titles every time I go to bg? I would report this as a bug but already know it will be called a "feature" by some idiot. Why give us choice in title to use if it's going to be automatically changed just because we decide to go to a bg?

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    I hate that too. I've given up on going back and finding the title I actually wanted to use, and just select whatever's near the top now.


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      I always use Crusader or Knight Crusader, & unhide my clothing while in BG to make people think I were a newbie whale so that the non-vip players would stay away. They are not strong, but half the older free players still have higher honor than me (I only have 46,392). I don't want to fight them. I do BG only once a week so don't need to see the army ranks titles often.