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A few New ideas. (Guild Raid Boss, exp, Class Diversity)

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  • A few New ideas. (Guild Raid Boss, exp, Class Diversity)

    First Guild Raid Boss

    -Theory of once per day (random) raid boss spawns in guild chamber. Rewards work same as World boss but on a smaller scale (as in person who deals most damage wins 20k gold 20k daru).


    -As everyone knows when your out of quest and dungeons there is no way to lvl any further. A new idea is to have world hunting grounds. A new area to go and battle with friends and earn exp. (this could create problems for hackers (botters)

    Finally Class Diversity (the big topic)

    -Tired of being just like every other knight out there? A new concept so your a little more diverse than the other players.
    1. Same armor, but choices of what it looks like (choose colors)
    2. Facial Tattoos
    3. Class changes - At a certain lvl (say 40) you complete a quest (maybe a really long campaing) and it turns your mage into say MegaMage and changers your overall appearance (maybe makes your character a little bigger) and maybe stat boost of 1. At least in this case there would be a variety of 6 diffent looking characters instead of three. Would create a more diverse world.
    4. Helmets or masks taht actually show on your character.

    World chamber.

    - Just like guild chamber but a place where anyone can choose to duel another player.

    Add your ideas/opinions to this below.

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    world chamber is basically duel unless they make it cross server


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      u can duel at atlar of ennoblement..
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