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  • Vault a second page for vault

    Hey guys did you ever think at making another page for vault? We gather so many things that we need and we end up not having space to depozit them anymore so because of that we ask to be kiked from guilds over and over again. So i would appreciate and so many of us if your highness add another page for vault. Thank you
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    upto about 18months ago there was vouchers for opening inventory space those lucky enough to be playing at the time has 3pages of inventory already unlocked gives them advantage and this issue now will probably never be looked at again you can open slots for bound balens now so its just something we have to deal with i have tried in past to get the issue looked at and was completely ignored , i gave the suggestion of being able to move stuff to mail for 30days clearing up space but nothing ever came from it , moving stuff to mail without leaving guild seemed the best option from what i could come up with