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Golden Wand???

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  • Golden Wand???

    anybody know what golden wand is for??? guildie got one after patch and not sure what its for
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    Last edited by JackFrost1111111; 09-18-2015, 01:46 AM.

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    New magic pot like event.


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      Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
      New magic pot like event.
      ahhhhh ok ty


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        Yea, they drop in cloud adventure again, and people that had old magic hammers got these ones automatic it seems.


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          Golden Wand...

          Sounds... kinky.

          I approve!


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            Got one too but didn't remember placing it in vault. I was wondering how it ended up in my storage.... Thanks!


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              your welcome


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                golden rod is for

                Originally posted by JackFrost1111111 View Post
                anybody know what golden wand is for??? guildie got one after patch and not sure what its for
                yes its for sacred gold tree


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                  Does anyone know where to find golden rods???


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                    Taken out of the Cloud Adventures a few patches ago, so you won't get or find them. The datus on this thread is from 2015 so it's over a year old. Request for this thread to locked down to prevent necroposting.
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