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Qartune Good Bad or Indifferent

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  • Qartune Good Bad or Indifferent

    Wartune in my opinion is a fun game, there has been a fantastic growth of additions to the game. Some good some Bad. As, I see it the biggest problem with this game is the communication between the players and R2GAMES. As much as I dislike saying this R2Games is forcing players to leave the cost is to much for them to compete in this game. I have been a Guild Master now for over 2 years and have merged servers 3 times and been thru 9 other guilds merging with my guild. I have seen serious financial competition between players and conflicts at a personal level between players. What I am seeing is major cashiers giving up this game wanting to sell their characters for pennies on the dollar that they have invested in building a strong competitive character. They have become dis-illusioned with R2GAMES Policy towards their players needs and wants for game play is for the most is ignore the players needs. Only once have I seen R2GAMES build something for the players when EVERYONE complained. Other than that the current policy basically is R2GAMES does what ever it can to squeeze every dollar from the players without addressing their needs. I have seen 47 players quit this game that have spend 500 to 1000 US dollars a month, QUIT. Got tired of spending and not truly receiving a return on their investment worth anything but pennies. I figure those cashiers contributed almost a half a million dollars to R2GAMES each year and now their gone because of R2GAMES business and game policy towards their players. I see more and more people leaving the WARTUNE world each day, because of frustration of dealing with new additions that take away benefits that players loved replacing them with new game[play that gave nothing back to the players except waste of their time in building their character

    I have tried in the past, to suggest enhanced game play to improve a player fun and interest within the wartune world. Like all of you it falls on deaf ears. I was in programming for 30 years I even wrote some of the basic old games and shared them with others. R2GAMES needs to better balance that fine line that provides them with a financial salary and a value product for excellent game play for the user. So, far that line greatly favors the financial. They, will eventually lose future valued players because of the reputation they are slowly gaining in the online gaming community.

    Maybe, it is a good thing when a player that used to spend 3 to 5000 a week for the last 2 plus years says NO MORE, I am done. Do ya think R2GAMES will listen. I doubt it because they do not have truly a player that interacts with the players, to give solid feed back to their marketing and development staff. R2Mentors never listened to your mmore difficult problems and frustrations, Yes, a simple help, but even then they can only respond with prepared written statements for most of the user questions

    I have yet to see in their support ticket menu a line item that says GAME IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTIONS. HHhh mmm
    , maybe, just maybe, R2GAMES Marketing and development staff might get an idea to improve game play that will improve the interest of all the players big and small. Maybe, just maybe if enough interesting improvements were made, the word would pass from person to person about a solid fun easy to use and exciting game to play that would be filled with many interesting possibilities in developing a persons character

    These are just some thoughts of an experienced Gamer who unfortunately Loves Wartune, and if not for the fact that I have so many players that believe in my Guild Master Leadership and encouraging them not to quit , can not quit my friends. I could quit wartune, but I can not quit my friends and guild. they depend on my knowledge and help.

    If R2GAmes decides to ever read this maybe, just maybe you might get an idea of putting your senior marketing team, senior development team, and 3 random players of the internet together to build a better and improved game for the benefit of all. My Grandmother once told me and I quote .'which would you rather have, steak today and beans for life or beans today and steak for the rest of your life'. Well, wartune / R2GAMES if you don't dish out some beans on your plate with some of that steak your eating you will miss out on long term profits and enjoy beans forever.

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    Please excuse my typos


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      Good post. Don't forget they raise prices as well. Clothing set was 999, now 1199. Wings were 1999, now 2199. Drops for certian items that were useful are no longer there (gift of God, Lucky charms, etc....).

      In the end people are leaving (those who spent some money, looks like the ones leaving the most). Free players the least, they didn't pay to begin with. In the end it's all a choice. I am waiting for the next server merge, to be on my own island.


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        Look at it this way, at least this game offers and encourages players to do something real in their lives for once.
        The truth is, if you love wartune now - then you're in for a casino game - and now they let players to gamble for the learning of a new random sylph skill.
        With this in mind, a casino never improve their games that have been from the players point of view, since anything that bring player benefit will
        inherently hinder game profits (take inventory space and learning sylph skills for example).
        The only thing that will ever improve with every week's events are more bling to the prizes and game optimization to keep the game market going.
        Reducing the lag is the least of their concern cuz as long as there are stlil players that able to come online, it still shows that players can bear with the game faults and bugs.

        PS. My personal take on this situation is play another game that deserves your attention and put Wartune as secondary,
        so that you can return anytime since I can understand that no committed player can let go of Wartune wholly.
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          a big +1, ty for puting to words my thoughts


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            If 47 guys can contribute as much as $500k to R2 PER YEAR, then for the sake of their families, they are better off leaving the game. Seriously, what the heck?


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              watch South Park s18e06. you'll have an idea why this game is what it is.
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              ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O