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wrong chest??

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  • wrong chest??

    to have chests from sepul and mahra event is cool,but do not have the last chest from the last event is a mistake or worse it's stupid,what's the point to let us win chest we cant exchange in your event???
    ho or maybe you want we buy the last one in shop ......

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    That chest has Adv Sep, Mahra, Sylph Gems and Golden Holy Water. Thats 4 things its a pain in the butt to get and you need thousands (or tens of thousands) of.


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      Yes the sep and mahra events is giving the chests from the last event water and wind chests why not the fire chests the current where you can exchange. I have over 120... I wanted the wings


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        Most of us are looking to spend our chests in getting the NEW stuff, not yesterday's news.
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