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Sky trail rewards

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  • Sky trail rewards

    So few weeks ago the new sky trail patch arrived and it's fast to do, since some aspects of this game takes too much time (looking at you dimensions!).
    But can anyone explain me the logic of star tears? When i was first playing new sky trail i thought: cooll, new players can quickly get star tears to evolve sylph, but today after arriving at stage 6 i get a whopping 30 star tears.
    After quickly calculating i received a total of 105 star tears of each kind when i finished stage 6. Is wartune expecting me to make 10 evolved sylphs of each kind? If yes, then how could you assume ppl have time to waste farming for 10 sylphs? if no what's the logic?

    Wartune has a weird habit of giving tons of stuff which have already or quickly become worthless, but that is another rant in a new topic

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    and secondly - all those star tear shards - whats the point when star tears are being given ?


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      The irony is that with all the star tears bullcrap, one can still not refine a sylph without a nice supply of star sand.
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        hopefully we can recycle star tears to moon rocks/dust one day..........?


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          I really appreciate not being able to sell or get rid of star tear shards. But there are two ways to do this for those who need to
          1. Convert them to star tears which is expensive. Star tears may be sold
          2. Get booted from guild and do not re acquire the shards from mail box. They will dissipate in 30 days