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[Merged] Event Code Exchange, Use This Thread.

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  • i have wartune 80$jack o will trade with mythborne code


    • Hey there guys,

      Got a $20 code for Wartune, looking for Winterfrost Legacy $20 Code. Interested Players PM me


      • Wartune gift packs

        I've gotten the 20$ and 80$ packs for wartune in the halloween slot machine thing but i don't play wartune. Was wondering if someone might want to trade me Winterfrost codes for these wartune ones Hmu


        • I have all 80$ codes for all games, i need pirate empire 60$ codes pm me!


          • I have LoA, Mythborne, Nova, Pirate, and Winter, all $20. Plus one $80 Winter, looking only for Wartune. Pm me if interested


            • You won a $20 Wartune Candy Pack!
              CODE: tYHMXX4epuN9uqhr

              Use as you will, toss me a Pirate Empire code if you have one:


              • Have all 80$ codes looking for 60$ pirate empire pm me!


                • Have codes for the following games:
                  Winterfrost Legacy (1qty 80 among 20's)
                  Pirate Empire (20$ codes)
                  League of Angels (20$ codes)
                  Nova Genesis (20$ codes)
                  Mythborne (2qty 80 among 20's)

                  Need codes for the following game:

                  Value for value (20 for 20, 80 for 80) on first come first served through PM. No scammers, though. Thanks.
                  Vicious! Approach with Caution!
                  Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
                  Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
                  Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60


                  • Originally posted by cascaa View Post
                    pm me if interested
                    have winterfrost for wartune pm
                    #CASPER~S1~ TRANSCENDENCE

                    CAZLOK ~S274 ~ SCARESTONE

                    Never Back Down Never Give Up
                    Casper AkA Cazlok


                    • Have one each of NovaGenesis, Mythborne, and Winterfrost codes for any interested parties:

                      NovaGenesis: P093533BAW0A000500
                      WinterFrost: G008LEPLYBQK29
                      Mythborne: DMW9YYZEYN


                      • Originally posted by R2CS_Sivona View Post
                        Trick or Treat?!

                        More Info:!
                        Happy Halloween Beware Of Witches!

                        Server: R2games S131Goldfell Wartune
                        Character: Mixxit


                        • I got 80$ wartune code.
                          I would like a 50 $ nova genesis code. PM me please.


                          • hay can i chang my code from leag offf angels for wartune exposed server s608 cristall hill