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why dont hammers and stoves stack to 9999

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  • why dont hammers and stoves stack to 9999

    im not sure i have to expound on this....this is one of the biggest space users in my backpack, maybe even the biggest, why isnt this a 9999 stack like stithys and clamps?

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    Why is everything not stackable to 9999 is the question. If they make one thing stackable to 9999, make all things stackable to 9999. I mean heck, even skeleton keys are stackable to 9999.


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      Clothes are the biggest inventory hog of all, since those don't stack over 1, but I agree that it's stupid hammers & stoves don't stack. Every monday I get a new stack of each, and purgatory can make new stacks every 2-3 days. And even though it doesn't matter for me any more, the fact that star sand only stacks to 999, when you need 1000 to do anything with it has always really bothered me.


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        Ive started HF'ing HP trinkets instead of advanced HF'ing more useful things because Stithy/Clamp stack past stupid, and Hammer/Stove dont.

        The mailbox shuffle for this cr.ap is getting more tedious by the day. I have to keep notepad files of what is in which mail, just to not accidentally open the wrong one.

        Put another way, I havent opened a vulcans pack for 2.5 HF events, used 6k stoves this event and have 6 more stacks, and 5 hammer stacks, in my bags (after selling 8 hammer stacks at the start of the event to save bag space, because you get far more than you can ever have enough stoves for). Its rubbish.
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