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Please Try This If You Haven't (Lag Issue)

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  • Please Try This If You Haven't (Lag Issue)

    I recently read a suggestion by one of the moderators as far as alternate browsers. One of them was Maxthon. Well early today I downloaded Maxthon Nitro and frankly I'm amazed. The game is actually playable for me. Playable as in not having to do a refresh in the middle of arena or di. I was actually fed up to the point that I was considering letting my VIP go. Yes they still need to fix the game but please don't give up on this game without trying a few other browsers.

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    yes go now and I willb e waiting


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      Tested Maxthon (I used him all the 2014 until the January 2015 patch), it does not change the lag (it uses IE core and JavaScript is a little bit faster in the new version), but it has issues with loading the game ...


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        I also have a solution - quit.