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Need a little balance in eudy skill chests & dressing room

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  • Need a little balance in eudy skill chests & dressing room

    Just opened 3000 eudy skill chests today, and got 1093 active scrolls, 912 passive scrolls, and 995 general scrolls, which differs by less than 10% between adjacent quantities in the sequence!!! Each eudy has 8 active skills, 4 general skills, and only 2 passive skills. How is it possible to level all skills without wasting 75% of the passive skills and half the general skills? I'd suggest to adjust the drop ratio to suit the actual skill scrolls required.

    And for dressing room, I just maxed refined all my clothing and still wondering why I should have more INT and DEF than STR (I already know the reason why I have less END than the rest), until I took a look at dressing room.
    We have 11 pages of weapons (62 total), 12 pages of armors (71 total), and 12 pages of helmets (71 total).
    The lowest possible grade for helmets is B, and we have more grade S and A helmets than same-grade weapons and armors.
    The lowest possible grade for armor is D, and we have 1 grade C and 1 grade D armor. Still almost same as helmets.
    The lowest possible grade for weapon is D, and we have 1 grade D weapon. But total possible items is only 62.
    We have 9 fewer weapons than armors and helmets, and helmets and armors typically have higher grades, which essentially means helmets have greater refinement potential than the rest. Knights and archers get PATK from the weapon, while mages get MATK from the helmet.
    What's worse, in the good old days when clothing was still a scarce resource and there was no such thing as clothing ID, the helmet was typically the cheapest item at the exchange, the armor is usually 2x the price, and the weapon 3x the price. I indeed have more helmets than armors, and more armors than weapons, that's why I got INT > DEF > STR even though the weapons had higher priority and were maxed first (I'm a knight).
    Am I seeing the unbalance in here? Yes, although not to a ridiculous extent. Maybe this game really favors mages a little bit.
    Now let's look at wings. We have 11 pages of wings (64 total), of which 3 are grade C and 3 are grade D. Wings costs 5 times the price to buy (and 4 times the price to exchange plus no drop from event boxes) and 5 times the materials to upgrade, yet they are fewer in number and lower in quality, meaning lower refinement potential. The boost in higher level wings compared to lower level wings is a small percentage difference. Adding to that is the impossibility of getting free luck charms ("free" gifts from recharge or spending events aren't actually "free") after Wilds Shop was gone. With all these factors combined, it gives me an impression that wings aren't worth the price to buy or upgrade beyond certain levels (I have level 8 for a year and never upgraded them since the time when clothing event started at lvl5).
    Shouldn't we get the same quantity and quality for all 4 items? Just a little thought.