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chaos war **

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  • chaos war **

    This is freaking useless R2, only SEVEN servers in our clusters for chaos wars so one server gets a bye each round and get F all for points ... we are strongest server in our cluster and should win but we got a bye 1st round in prelims and as a result we only got 2nd overall... the team who got first we can beat and they did get 4 real fights... 3 win 1 lose = more points than 3 win 1 bye... Now its finals and we getting f.**** again!!!! Once again we getting the blimming bye in the first round. What the hell is this... fix this so top server doesnt automatically get sc.rewed by byes or make an even number of servers in our cluster.... 7 is stupidly low anyway

    sincerely everyone in 289 group of servers
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    They need to fix this. We used to get spots 1 and 2 before the merge, now after the merge we get lower rewards. Ridiculous. R2 needs to understand that people cash so that they can kick-*** in these events. That's why you see good cashers quitting all the time. Don't be stupid better give comp equal to being no. 1 in Chaos Wars.


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      i am same server we get less chaos stone from prelims due to this


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        There's a lot wrong with chaos war, but that is exceptionally stupid. A bye should count as a win, but it's hardly surprising that the people who designed the matching for CSGB wouldn't have a clue how these things are supposed to work. And are too incompetent to use Google.