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Can some 1 exolain

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  • Can some 1 exolain

    we faced a 4 man team with 4 edus we are a 4 man team with 4 edus

    we killed the enemy team all dead no hp bars all dead bleeding on the floor

    we didnt use heal anytime during battle we ave half hp bars left

    but as titan wars is rigged and it cheats its players it gave those dead ppl who are in their graves the dam win

    r2 needs to take their fingers out of the pie holes and start writing a decent code that when a whole team is suppose to be dead in game u are friggin dead and and not get the suppose win
    Last edited by Xharry005x; 01-15-2016, 08:59 AM.

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    Maybe the other team was 3 really weak players with almost no hp, and then one person who could last to the timeout? I hate the total damage done metric for a tiebreaker, especially since it seems to be pretty buggy.
    My team lost twice at timeout because it didn't register the victory fast enough when we killed the last player on the other side.


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      Yea you probably killed them as the timer ended and it counted them as alive, highest damage. The weird thing about that though, is that if your team really didn't get any heals.... how did they do more damage? Either a bug, or you did get a few heals and it tipped the scale, I guess?


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        we had no heals set we had our mages without heals we used no mage edus no heal runes we were fitted out for damage only their team all died before timer reached 0 (timeout) and they still get wins

        as this whole game is gone screwy in some way and the lazy r2 devs wont fix anything

        its about time the r2 devs sat down with their CEO and their devs and worked a solution out and fix this bugged game if this keeps on the game will breakdown every 1 will leave r2 will then scream they lost revenue as no 1 will spend on a broken game

        the only thing we get from mods ere ave u got a screenshot or vid

        well eres the answer to that question im not doin ur job for u and on the plus it wouldnt help as u normaly brush it under carpet anyway and say it didnt exist like all bugs we send you and u lazy sods dont fix

        most of ppl send vids screenshots etc to u and u never pass them on and they never get fixed what u say and wat u do are 2 diffrent things
        Last edited by Xharry005x; 01-15-2016, 09:08 AM.