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    please bring back the old arena every time do it i end up battling with a legendary one but when you lost 7 points in old one you lost no points at all so please bring back sylph arena

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    I actually like new sylph arena myself. Sure, it's not interactive, there is barely any strategy involved. But on other hand, rewards suck anyways (sepu is everywhere, sylph enchatment stuff is farmable from atoll) and it was degraded just to click start, then (unless you enjoy watching dark, electro, water/wind/light enemy team in every fight, because other teams are non-existent) go alt+tab, click again whenever you feel like it. Not thinking involved and less time wasted on checking all enemies just to get tiny bit higher in rank.
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      Since they removed the quick link i never do it... lol always forget to look for it every time... lol
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