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  • Sylph Arena Suggestion

    Ok so just following the rules on the support page like a good girl, and posting a game suggestion on the forum. Apparently if people feed back and agree they might consider implementing a change (cough).

    So anyway, very simple - I believe you should be able to choose your opponent in Sylph Arena. I don't really see the point of random matching at all. Won't go into any more detail than that because everyone knows the stories.

    Please post whether or not you agree
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    I agree with this. I preferred how sylph arena used to work.
    Making it automatic, takes away choices in game.


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      Agree, more strat is always welcome.


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        That was on the Sylph Arena before they made it Cross Server and Random Matching. Frankly, I think both are a crock of <expletive> in my opinion. However, I would go for it to coming back into its former glory.
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