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Adding Egg Throwing versus the Rose giving would be fun

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  • Adding Egg Throwing versus the Rose giving would be fun

    I think it be funny if they added a feature or an option to throw eggs at a player whether u like them or not. The purpose of the egg throwing would lower the player's popularity or charm in that case versus the rose giving that increases charm. Be funnier if there was a title for most eggs throwned at, or what ever lol. Its just a thought. Its not ment to insult people but a feature that can be a added devotion. We all get roses all the time, why not get thrown eggs into the mix.
    This is Sparta

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    I like getting my first egg...and then all my roses


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      The same reason why pillorying is no longer seen as a form of punishment. It is public humiliation and easily leads to cyber bullying on far larger scale than now. We already have all sorts of harassment as it is in the game that R2 never takes any notice of (we kicked a player for sexually harassing the women). You are basically opening it up to outright abuse.

      This is a stupid idea.


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        Awesome idea. Just cause there's a few crybabies out there doesn't mean you need to punish those of us that aren't