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Why is the wings gone from event chest exchange?

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  • Why is the wings gone from event chest exchange?

    Is it just me or are the wings gone in event chest exchange?

    How are we gonna get the cloth title if the wings are missing?

    Is it really only for big-super cashers to be able to get the title?

    Do anyone out there agree on that we should get the wings back in the event chests exchange?

    And yes before anyone out there thinks other wise I have checked to see if there are wings in the clothing set

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    There is a second clover box(clover-clothing chest) mainly only available in the shop and you trade 210 of those for the full clothing set. You can trade rainbows to get 10 boxes for the entire event and hope to get lucky and get the wings if you open them.

    They are making these events for cashers only now.


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      Just another fail by r2, i have some of the biggest cashers in game on my server and nobody bought the wings, not this event and not the previous same type event. I doubt anybody will ever do this event as the price is ridiculous for a title that most likely in the future you will get for free.
      All events are pure garbage now and that is not just against free players, it's a slap in the face against anybody who puts in even the cost of vip. The game is dead anyway, new patches are junk they bring absolutely nothing new to play just some new panel to click on for 2 seconds, events are junk, daily things to do are junk.
      Me and the ppl i play with have no reason to do anything in the game at this point as we have at least 1 billion gold and nothing to do with it as the few clamps u make a week require far less, so bi , di wb are useless same with other things like gb and such which any long time player can skip. there is nothing to do in the game as an old player other then to watch your screen and cash for no real purpose.
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        They probably noticed too many people were getting the clothing related titles, but yeah they're really trying to get people to spend spend spend. So you can either get those secondary boxes and hope you get the wings or wait for it to be added to the clothing shard exchange if it does.


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          Or be like me and just forget doing any events as I had been done since they senselessly came out. It's a poor marketing strategy on R2's part that is failing miserably. That's like banks imposing certain fees without hearing from the public to see if they are feasible. Ha ha, I don't bank with those <expletive>s anymore.
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