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  • Eudemon pls?

    hi folks

    been playing the eudemon patrol thingy...

    i notice...

    the requirements n rewards for each tower...changes randomly? does it change random or does it goes according to your level?
    once u level up the requirement change so does the rewards?
    or does it change randomly per hour of cycle? 6 hour cycle? 3 hour cycle?

    so in other words if u aim to get certain reward, its better not to level up that tower?

    also, once Nightmare mode unlock, if we qualified for the patrol we get reward for Basic+Hard+Nightmare? or just Nightmare rewards?

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    Not sure about the rest, but I am definitely sure that you can get all the rewards in all modes (i.e. Basic, Hard, Nightmare)


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      Yes the requirements change each time you complete a patrol, you can also refresh the requirements needed for 45 bound balens. Also a very good possibility that the requirements will be the same for the next patrol as well.

      Don't think your toon level has anything to do with the rewards. When the tower reaches a certain level, don't remember what level, you will unlock hard and nm patrol. Leveling the towers also decreases patrol time. To complete a hard patrol, it takes about 6 hours and 10 hours for nm patrol/

      To be able to collect nm patrol rewards, you have to meet hard and normal requirements as well.