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Why is the game so outdated?

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  • Why is the game so outdated?

    Guild shop only has dim chests. Adv guild shop is useless after getting the mount. CSGB will no doubt still have that old Ox mount. Fishing gives us mostly shadow crystals and bounty scrolls. These things were handy in 2012. Not anymore. And the amount of nickels we get makes it hardly worth doing. Sky Trail has the 100k gold prize. That amount of gold is not very useful. The VIP wheel still has all the stuff we can never get, with a top prize of 580k gold for 36 coins. So it will cost 144 coins to get 2 million which is 1 measly average click in the holy forge. Get rid of the stuff you are not going to let us win. Its a slap in the face to the VIPs. Its like saying, "See all them high level gems and other good items? Yeah, well, we aren't giving you squat. But thanks for the VIP payment." I mean c'mon. Its 2016. The needs of the players have gone up since 3 years ago. Get with the times.
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    It is worse than that. Cloud Adventures, for example, used to give millions in gold. THEY REDUCED IT back to the usual 100k.

    R2 is like a bunch of greenies: Reduce everything back to 2002 levels.


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      Also, the downtime compensation of a level 5 luck stone and a stamina potion is worthless. So is the weekly VIP gift. Archeology now gives away yellow flames, which would be nice if there was a way to enchant and refine the gear. The mats are found in 1 shop once a month and you are lucky to get 1 measly enchantment. 9 or 10 months to fully enchant 1 piece of euda gear is ridiculous. Event chests were also downgraded. No wings or mounts unless you use the first event chest to exchange for another event chest and you can only get 10 of them, which renders them useless. Guild battles are not fun anymore. They are over in 30 seconds due to the VERY outdated ward nonsense. World bosses are over before you finish the second round. The game is trapped in the past.


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        r2 will not change the game from its dark age format and rewards

        if they need to change the game to a new era format they ave to get rid of adobe and add the new html 5 format if its even possible

        yes i agree vip rewards are outdated yes new players who pay for vip will cherish these rewards but old vet players doubt anything is usefull apart from gold and whips lol

        wb cant add new hp cuz adobe wont allow the hp raise unless it changes to html5 then wb will last for 3 or 4 rounds

        guild battles over in a flash no matter what format is used they need to scrap it and add a new gb fornat with stronger ward towers and ward ramming device

        yes titan wars class wars chaos wars and csgb shops need to be changed to give us players new items not old outdated items we cant use


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          They wont bother coz it takes too much effort and would give too much stuff for free, so yee forget it. Its not in line with their policy (get rid of free players light/medium cashers). Besides pple keep spending money so why bother with improving game when it clearly works??


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            Actually, rewards being outdates is only one of the problems. The bigger problem is that the game is completely unplayable and bugged beyond hope of repair.

            I would say the reason is because they stopped caring about it and only some low IQ drone is updating events, but they are adding things which require significant coding. So the only other possible solution I think of is they came from some different planet where black is light, where evil is good, and where stupidity and systematic destruction of a game is considered to be a clever idea.
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              seein how loa 2 came out not too long ago. that is the reason to stop fixin stuff too much on the old versions. doubt it will be long till wt2 pops on.

              the thing is. game companies still dont seem to realise how much the players word matters on a publisher gettin new people into their games.
              bit weird really, do the job right and you will get a load of new peeps comin only by hearin recomendations from others. do not do it, and it can cost you the company.
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