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My Fair well Swan Song to Wartunes-Oh wait I can't sing-lol

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  • My Fair well Swan Song to Wartunes-Oh wait I can't sing-lol

    Seriously though, after much thought and discussion with my life partner, I have decided to leave this game I have enjoyed playing for over 3 years, the last 6 months of that time I wish could have been included in that enjoyment but for me it hasn't been enjoyable at all. Let me 1st say it isn't because of the way that cashers/whales have an advantage over non-cashers,light cashers or even moderate cashers, they have the financial stability to pay to get ahead and stay ahead for long periods of time-there is nothing wrong with that, its their money they shouldn't be flamed or told that they are ruining this game.
    What has really brought this decision on is the lack spontaneity this game has delivered over the past 2 major updates, this latest update, has made the R2 client so resource heavy on my dual core processor, to which means that only a upgrade to a quad core processor is something that even Wartunes is not worth it. But more so the reason why I have to say good bye to this game and all the wonderful people I have met and played with over the last 3 years is that its simply boring.
    Thank you to all the Mods that have put up with me and my rants on here, you all are tops in my book, having to put up with so much complaining and keep your composer while trying to forward our complaints and suggestions, You the Mods is who I will miss the most on here. Bless all of you players,Mods,Admins and whoever else that tries to keep this game going. Nothing but the best as you continue on your path.

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    Best of Luck
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      Last 6 months have actually been fun for me, new stuff, getting really good again. To not play a game due to it's operating system? Hmmm, not really buying that reason tbh, lots of people suffer from lag from having bog standard PCs, there are always ways around it without buying a new PC.

      But good luck in all that you do.
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        This last patch was actually pretty good, overall. But I understand that the fun factor has gone down over the past 6 months, especially with knighthood giving cashers a massive advantage.