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Battle Prowess and Enhanced Determination Astral Bug?

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  • Battle Prowess and Enhanced Determination Astral Bug?

    I don't know if anyone else noticed but there seems to be something going on with the two which is causing the damage to decrease.

    When I have the astral on and use Multi-Shot as the first skill i would do 4.0 - 4.3k damage to the mobs. When I use it again for the 2nd rotation with 2/3 stacks of Battle Prowess on it goes down to 3.1-3.3k which is weird since it should go up.

    When I tried the same thing with out the astral it works ok the damage does go up from 3.2-3.5k without a stack to 3.7-4.0k at 5 stacks.

    These were all done with the same mob.

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    This could also have been caused by lower hits in your floating damage range. Its nearly impossible to figure out what your true damage range is, sometimes you do get hits in the lowest portion of your floating damage range. Still it may be something to look into more.
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      maybe he has ruthlesness astral at a lvl4 or somethig.. lvl4 = 28% floating(correct if wrong)


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        Ruthlessness is a gambling astral, whereas you may deal a massive amount of dmg (say lvl 4 Ruthlessness) but at the same time you will deal lesser dmg than your original dmg. Lets say you deal average 6-7k crit w/arrow strike, (with ruthlessness) you may deal 9-10k crit but also do about 3-5k crit. Gamble with your life on the line =)

        Not sure if that made sense.


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          floating damage

          default floating daamge is 10% .. it means (100%-10%)90% - 110%(100%+10%) ... that's 90% - 110% damage you can inflict, if you have equipped ruthlessness lvl4 lets say(28%) that would make it (100%-10%-28%)62% - 138%(100%+10%+28%) .. 62% - 138% damaged.. wow that's a big gap in min and max damage

          in other words.. with a 10k damage... your damage would do 6200 - 13800 randomly..