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troop enlightment

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    Hi , I am Level 45 and have level 40 Knights . Once you get this level it is not that hard to get 1mil Daru if you do all WB's and place in top 3 . that said . It is worth it to enlighten . U get to swap your current skill right away and get 1% on whatever your new troop skill is . I think everyone starts with a 1% HP skill to start . When I papid 1MIL daru for 1st time on my level 40 knights for the enlightenment upgrade i receceived MATK + 1% of troop MATK amount and was able to swap right away . Next time I decide to 'Enlighten" ( Pay 1 mil Daru ) I will receive another skill to swap or upgrade my currently picked Enlightment ... Hope this helps ... <3 PLURR AlphaOmega server 93


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      hi, thanks for info! Can you please tell me/us what lvl was what enlightment? I saw here for knights:

      1. HP
      2. matk
      3. ?
      4. patk

      Right? Will it be random from player to player?


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        No difference if your troop are magical or physical. When you take +x % matk/patk you receive this x% base on yours troops attack stat.


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          If you're a mage and you have knights as troops then you want to get lvl3 Matk, What will it add?


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            Originally posted by StormSprit View Post

            if u have much daru and ur troops maxed why not get some boost from enlightenment ?

            my knights PATK is 5894

            Troop enlightenment level 4 patk = 4% ?

            5894*0.04 = 236 patk * 1.15 ( from passive skill ) = 271 PATK

            so all this daru to get 271 PATK for my character .. not bad
            lvl 4 is 5%
            lvl 5 is 7%

            i get ~420 matk from my 60lvl knights at lvl5 enlight

            edit: oh and it cost me ~65 mil daru to get it.
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              Good guide here

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                Click image for larger version

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                My Knights with their Enlightenment, level 61 Knights with lvl 4 MAtk Enlightenment 359 MAtk gained.

                Yes I have over 92mil daru atm could move it up some more. But waiting to see how much it'll take to max out the level 50 troops to my level when they come out. But if I get to over 110mil-120mil and they're not in part II I'll probably up enlightenment again.
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                  heres the trick don't do this until you have Templars, because the knight stats are worthless compared to even low level temps. For example I get +%7 of 10k patk from level 64 temps at lvl 5 enlightenment. Yeah its a lof of daru but when you are sitting at levels for a week trying to level up your holy seal why save the extra daru when you can put it towards something useful like attack or defense or even HP if you think that makes a difference which it really doesn't even it was %100 of troop HP. So basically yes once you reach the 60's especially 63 and you can level HS 5 more times and make other talents level 2 you are going to be there awhile and the daru is good for nothing else so spend it on a bonus. Once you get up there and put some effort into it you will notice the difference in even %7.


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                    It's definitely worth it!
                    I'm working on level 10 enlightenment (still 300M+ to go).
                    For sure, on lower levels, it's better to upgrade your troops' level first, but on 50+, you should spend your every piece of Daru on enlightenment (of course, as long as you keep troops on your level and save up some daru for upgrading your troops if you're about to level up).
                    Don't remember the % MATK I get thanks to troops, but it's way over 1k MATK now.


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                      woot another necro

                      Troop Enlightenment can be done on any Troop, but you just need to have 1 million Daru to transfer it to a higher level Troop when you unlock a new Troop later on.

                      You do not need to wait until after you unlock Templar/Warlock (and future Darknight/Demonthing (guessed names))


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                        No need to further necro this thread...
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