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Well i quit server 62

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    Wartune is a giant game of Rock, Paper, Scissors... No class is over powered as each class has their own special flaw. It all depends on which skill you go for and how you refine your equipment which separates you from the other players.

    Feel free to complain all you want about any class you choose, just shows the rest of us how great of a person you are.
    Originally posted by kadrina View Post
    Well i quit server 62 archers suck so hard..

    I am a non cash player and i managed to get rank 15>20 at times which i feel is not bad but there comes a point when you truly realize how much archers suck in this game.

    I think many like myself were fooled into picking this class as they would have seemed as the perfect pvp class.

    Oh bwoy was i wrong, sure i did great in wb events and really pwnt many of the vip players who just rushed damage and had no defenses but looking at the skills the other classes had, i saw how basically playing an archer was based purely off LUCK.

    Their most used skill ms even though great is a pain to use, often times an enemy will just need 1 or 2 hits to die but because they might have 1 troop alive it decides to bust 2 hits into that 1 troop while mages in 2>3 turns (starting with 30 rage) can kill all troops instantly.

    For archers to actually be good they have to spend real money on this game while some of the other classes do not.

    Warriors have it pretty bad early on but from lvs 55+ they are in a league of their own.

    Oh well good luck to u trying archers, wish you luck with that class, il just stick around for a few days more till s83 opens.


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      Originally posted by kadrina View Post
      I stuck and played server 62 for a while but our gm apocryphos messed up our guild and being the sheep that he is abandoned his guild for king of kings so the guild broke down from there and most went to other servers.

      I am playing server 83 right now using a mage and they are not the strongest early game but as i lvl up i get stronger each turn.

      Btw the double critical passive still does not help with anything. It is actually the crt chance that is going up so once does not have to actually spec crt to see crts and not the actual damage. Mages will still kill troops in 2 turns and still pwn them.

      Knights at lvl 80 were in a league of their own and really needed nerfs, and people should stop saying knights should quit as this was a well needed nerf for them..
      my suggestion, u be a support mage.. cos at least u can b multi helper.. to keep u busy

      since u are non cash user why u choose to be mage?


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        shhh don't let the mage secret out!!!! lol