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  • Csgb

    I would like to ask if anyone knows how the points are allocated in cross server guild battle? Spawn killing with a tank seems to be the killing of choice but my question is, do you get more points for the guild if you let them out of camp and have a battle? Let the other side take a tower so it can be taken back? Let the other side out of camp so more players can get in on the kill? We all do not like
    spawn campers but if we get more points without spawn camping maybe this would stop!!

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    if you get spawn camp... then your guild is mostly a lot weaker than the enemy guild, you will lose anyway. Each totem gives you 400 point each 5 mins, so if you got all 5, you get 2000 points each 5 mins. But like I said, if you get spawn camp, you have 90% chance of losing anyway if they didn't do that.


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      Points come from only 4 things, as far as I know:
      - holding totems, 400 points each every 5 minutes
      - collecting crystals, 1 point for every 20 (forget if it rounds up, down, or both)
      - winning combat: in regular fights, everyone on the winning side gets 5 points.
      - tank/tower kills also get 5 points each

      So, because tank kills are super fast, and especially since you can catch players within the spawn exclusion zone, that's the tactic of choice for one-sided matches. There's not much reason to let a team wander around the battlefield when blasting with tanks is so much easier and faster. The only time it might be a benefit is with a guild that will otherwise just retreat to the back of the spawn and sit there to drag the fight out longer.


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        Thanks to everyone who answered this. So spawn camping with tanks is still the best tactic. SAD.