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guild announcement and other ideas

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  • guild announcement and other ideas

    when we'll have more space in guild announcement and in guild chat (always guild announcement) ?

    is more of 1 year that i stay waiting the fix of when wartune have reduced the number of letters that we can write.

    same thing if we want write to guild. if we write from guild chat baloon we have less letters...

    in guild chat the log info can't be copied. in private message yes but a lot of players not say/know as do or that we can do it. when we select the phrase the selection is unvisible...

    please remove these censures that all players hate them and when a player see a censure not is happy (kongregate , perse (in italian mean losts) , gm (mean good morning or guild master) , etc , etc , ect.

    why the iperlink are censured? is too hard do a filter on bad sites in stead of put filter on bad words? when we write bad words to 99,99% of times we find solutions for let know the bad words told and censured. not have sense give annoy to players that see at least every 5 phrases censured at least 1 time...

    i guild i put the links but no one check them because not are iperlinked and can't be copied or click on them. same thing in private. i've already seen many players that have lefted the game for the censures and i've seen also players that have ound as last reason of leave the game because the censures (and iperlinks) deny us conversation.
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    Filters from those guys and others like them often use the generic type where it's just fixed on a few letters rather than the whole word. "If (word) contains (letters) then..." is what comes to mind on said filters. On guild announcements, I just keep it short and sweet; no need to write a book that would get people lost after a few sentences, lol.
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