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advice on KH archer skills

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  • advice on KH archer skills


    I just got to KH, and I have some doubts related to the skills. I would be grateful if somebody could help me with that

    I have been told that maximum skill points is 35, so I cannot take all skills to max, so here are my main doubts:

    a) Multi-shot: when I attack only 1 player, it does not seem to hit twice, but only once. Is that correct?

    b) I was thinking on getting to max all skills except Evil Revelation and Raid Shot. Can I skip Evil Revelation completely? If not, where do I skip points.

    In general, it seems the best option is to get all passives (zero points to Evil Revelation) and skip Raid Shot. Do you agree? Or any other advice on the configuration?

    I can change later with spirit covenant, but if I can know beforehand what is best, it would be great

    Thanks a lot. And any advide about archer KH is obviously welcome

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    a) yes if there is only 1 opponent you only attack him once. as soon as there are 2 enemies you attack them both.
    b) yes, you can skip evil revelation and dont have to spend a point on raid shot.

    (c) i actually got 31 skill points, (33 in total if you add the 2 on basic skills)

    now my opinion:

    concentrate on cluster bomb (aoe - best for arena and ... well everything) and fatal strike (vulc one-shot).

    evil revelation is actually not as bad as you might think. i personnally would say having at least 1 skill point there gives you a good chance to get the extra rage.
    since later skill points only add up the percentage 1 skill point gives you the biggest boost on that.

    my setup (max lvl):
    3 skillpoints in basic skills each.
    1 in evil relevation.
    5 in every other passive.
    5 in cluster and fatal.
    0 in raid.

    hope that helped ^^


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      tyvm for the reply