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Sanctuary Hunter severe nerf

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  • Sanctuary Hunter severe nerf

    The other euds were improved (overall) but sanctuary hunter was severely nerfed (overall). Yes, several skills have a slightly higher base damage, but the crit bonuses were removed. multi-shot always crit, so that skill was severely nerfed. And I just realized that IS now only debuffs 1 enemy instead of multiple, which is a major nerfing as far as Eud Arena is concerned. I just wasted a ton of res reduction crystals right before the patch on getting it to lv10 res reduction... Hunter was one of the best for Eud Arena and now it's at best middle of the pack. It's like they wanted Oracle to be the one eud everyone uses all the time. Sanctuary Hunter's DPS in Eud Arena is severely nerfed, while the others are all increased...

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    Yeah, it is sad that Sanc Hunter got nerfed so much, but she is still super awesome. She was very over-powered, before. And she is still my favourite Eudaemon. Wind Ranger is almost as good.
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      They also nerfed the guaranteed crit chance of MS on archer characters.
      Now my archer's MS doesn't crit any more than AS.
      KH archer's MS has no guaranteed crit chance, that might be the reason why it was also taken away from everyone else for "better balance".


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        If your crit and your Sanc Hunter crit is high, we actually deal MORE damage overall, now. The multi-shot base damage for Archers was heavily increased. The Sanc Hunter multi-shot was quite over-powered, before. At least she gets 70% extra crit damage instead of 40% after 6.1 patch, so that is awesome. Let alone for lvl 6 - 8 passive.
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          The base dmg of archer and mage are both significantly increased.
          I agree 140% with no guaranteed crit is better than 55% with guaranteed crit.
          But the rage regain is no longer guaranteed, so skill rotation is affected.
          All stunning and slowing effects are also removed from all skills on all heroes and all eudaemons, probably because KH players have no such skills.
          But that's a blanket nerf for all, so it's applied evenly and fairly for all.
          So far I have no complain about archer or hunter skill changes.

          But now my main is a knight again, and patch 6.1 hates us.
          Previously, we had the best basic skills and the best delphics.
          Now, not any more, our basic skills are weaker than the other 2, and delphics are basically same as before (the slight difference could be achieved by QTE).
          We still have the worst CD and worst rage consumption.
          And now we have the worst rage regain and even our shield is weaker than mages'!
          Now I really don't know what the game designers are thinking.
          To encourage people to play knight for the higher BR and to discourage them from playing the game by giving them the worst skills so that they just spend and feel good about the higher BR and not waste server resources by actually playing the game?


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            If you're a mage and have a sanctuary hunter, it's severely nerfed while the other euds were slightly enhanced (overall). Guarantee MS crit every second turn in eud arena made it a great EA character. Now, I almost feel like recycling it (if not for the growth thing).... Dwarf does more dps (though a lot squishier), and 4 of its attacks are multi-targets (including delphic). Fact is, the patch was designed to make Mage the worst class by far. Mages can either deal damage or heal... not both. And without a big crit stat, sanctuary hunter is as useless as blood warrior.


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              Sanctuary Hunter has two equipment pieces that increase crit, and of course you can refine all 8 pieces to have lvl 10 crit. She revolves around crit, so that is no worry. Her extra 70% crit damage and 5% total HP crit heal every 5 turns is very nice as well. They nerfed the most over-powered non-Knighthood skill in the game (her multi-shot). Of course they nerfed it. It was basically a delphic you could use every 5 seconds.

              They also increased the rage cap to 160 for lvl 5 eudae passive, so that helps balance out the Archer non-guarenteed crit multi-shot. You never lose any rage by using it, and you have the chance to actually gain 5 or 10 rage based on your own crit stat. So it makes crit even more valuable. The basic skill adds 25 - 30 rage (for anyone with the 10+ rage per action from equipment) and we can always use a rage rune. Rage is not a problem at all.
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                Sanctuary hunter's dps was severely nerfed when you realize that MS doesn't fire every second round in EA and doesn't crit more than half the time. Knight and Oracle were buffed up and those of us foolish enough to waste materials on hunter are left out in the cold.


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                  Well, they did add the option to spend 5000 balens on swapping the materials used on one Eudae to a different Eudae. Yay.

                  Sanctuary multi-shot needed a nerf, it is as simple as that. Casting a skill as strong as a Delphic every 5 seconds is utterly ridiculous. And multi-shot is still a great skill, it deals a base damage of 320% and still has a cooldown of 5 seconds. They actually heavily increased crit damage from 40% bonus (90% total) to 70% bonus (120% total) for lvl 5 passive. The crits from her are dealing 220% damage. If both shots crit from multi-shot, that means around 700% damage. If she did 700% damage guarenteed, every 5 seconds, she would be insanely over-powered, so of course they removed the guarenteed crit. They also removed it from Archers entirely. Now there is no skill in the game with guarenteed crit, which is fair. Guarenteed crit is itself over-powered.

                  My main toon is an Archer with a main eudae of Sanc Hunter, so I am not some Mage with Oracle crybaby, this does effect me directly. I am almost Knighthood but not quite, so my toon still uses multi-shot. And I love the overall changes. To be fair, Archer multi-shot was blatantly improved, while Sanc Hunter multi-shot was nerfed a little bit to make it not over-powered, but still... Sanc Hunter is by far my favourite Eudae, even after 6.1 patch. Did nobody else notice her crit damage got massively boosted? Did nobody else notice her debuff went from like 250% damage to 337% damage? Did nobody else notice her super weak basic skill is now 225% damage with super short cooldown? Did nobody else notice her self-heal went from like 150% damage to 200% damage with 50% of damage being healed?

                  Overall, her DPS got much higher. Just because the most over-powered skill in the entire game got nerfed a little (which it NEEDED) to balance things out, does not mean her DPS got lower. We were just spoilt brats with our ridiculous DPS multi-skill, and now we are crying (or some of us are) about it actually not being super over-powered, anymore.
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                    well...if you care to check the skill description, the 2 basic skills of all heroes and all eudaemons have a 2-second CD.

                    rage has been an issue with my archer, because after some game glitch, most of her items were gone, including all clothing items, so now she's still at level zero clothing with no initial rage at all.
                    my rage rune only gives 70 rage including the gear bonus. lacking consistent rage regain means change of skill rotation.
                    with guaranteed crit, I could finish necro last boss & the first few DI bosses in 3 turns (rune -> MS -> delphic). without it, it'll cost an extra turn.
                    an extra turn is not just an extra skill. we'd have to wait for all fighters finish the previous turn before the next one could start, which is quite bad for places like DI.
                    of course I love the big skill boosts from this patch. if not for this reason, I highly doubt I'd return to play this toon given how badly it had been ruined.


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                      Well, that is off-topic, actually. This thread is about the changes to Sanctuary Hunter, specifically. But what is kind of on-topic as well as going with your point, is that Euds passives have increased the lvl 5 Rage cap to be 160, which is nice. Especially if you do a rage run before a big fight.

                      If you want to solely speak of the Archer skill multi-shot no longer adding 10 rage with each use, the best thing to do would be to start a new thread. Something like, "Archer skill multi-shot nerf". Then again, the Knighthood Archer skills never had guarenteed crit. So they have balanced out combat between Knighthood players and advance class players. That is also the main reason Holy Seal is no longer a stun. Slows and Stuns were taken away from pretty much all skills in the game, to balance everything out, but mainly to make Knighthood better.
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                        Originally posted by Vroukarouk View Post
                        Sanctuary hunter's dps was severely nerfed when you realize that MS doesn't fire every second round in EA and doesn't crit more than half the time. Knight and Oracle were buffed up and those of us foolish enough to waste materials on hunter are left out in the cold.
                        If your hunter is critting less than half the time, that's your real problem. Mine crits 80-90% of the time, and I'm pretty happy with the dps, so that she's still my backup for eudaemon arena (i.e. the one I use at all times). I'd recommend adding more crit, with enchants, refines, maybe diamonds if you have to.