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Suggestion for some items.

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  • Suggestion for some items.

    There are some items that become completely purposeless. These are: 1) revive attempts in dimensions, 2) mount hoofs and 3) dragon essence.

    While playing you get more than you need those, which is a waste. There is 1/4 chance that you will get a revive att. in dimensions when you kill a boss and if the limit was not 10, i'd have hundreds if not thousands of them. It irritates me when i get these instead of energy or crystals.

    Same goes for mount hoofs and dragon essence. After 2 months of playing these become pretty much useless as you max your dragon soul and refine all mounts. It either means that Dark Dragon Lair gives too much of these or that it should give different rewards.
    Other choice would be to make mount hoofs usable for training (or even refining) magic mounts. And maybe add some sort of expansion in dragon soul.

    I would like some sort of a) exchange or a b) change in rewards.
    a)Exchange excessive revive attempts for res. reduce crystals, mount whips for mount hoofs (and dragon souls for henna), all in one to one exchange ratio.
    b)Give more gold and mount whips and less dragon essence and mount hoofs in DDL.

    In conclusion, there is much potential to these 3 items and if nothing is done, these will just take up place and be discarded or if a person is married, used to train marriage tree.

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    I will agree with #1 because it's just pointless for revive attempts where a person can spam world chat to be revived at any given time. In any time I do Dims, I would get mostly revive attempts way beyond the 10 I have accumulated. So if they can change the reward in its place to something else, it will make going through somewhat fun.

    With that being said, they need to stop skimping on rewards in any place. 1-3 of a certain item?? Are you serious? I would want a bit more for the amount of time I put in fighting a trial (like 5-10 for the lesser, 20-30 for the advanced). This is the main reason why I don't do places (dungeons, dims, etc) any more.

    #2 and #3, I could go for an exchange of sorts instead of completely taking them off the game. You might have maxed all yours, but there are others who still need them to get to where you are at. So, I am with you when it comes to an exchange system for the stuff we have to get the stuff we need, or at least sell for some points to be used in purchasing in a special shop.

    I am pretty sure others will chime right on in, but this is what I had in mind at the moment.
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