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a few things

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  • a few things

    Im playing over 1 month now... have knight 50+. Im non casher didnt spend a cent on the game (and thank god cos of the way this game is developing)
    So for all u newbies to knight w8 till 45+ or even 50 cos u get rly strong well i did
    I can pwn most ppl even cashers, hard core cashers still cant mostly cos i lack SR and they are 5 or more lvls higher.

    1st of all introduce trade future already!!! it cant be that hard and every1 wants it. And then make shop items able to sell (u will make even more money then now - cos we all know thats ur only goal here)

    2nd : maybe change that freaking guild altar its driving me crazy... its lvl7 and im getting censored lvl3 runes, 2k daru, 5k gold out of it. I mean im not saying give me SR everytime but this is stupid.

    3rd: do u rly need to make maintance on the day if arena rewards... this is 2nd best income of gold and daru for most of us and now some lower players get more cos i didnt had a chance to improve my rank to my usual (my fault here to since i dont check forums for news on next maintance)

    4th: Shadow crystals... improve their rate of drop. need 14 to finish quest and if lucky i get maybe 5 in a day and maybe some from mystery box when hoping for crypt key All in all im doing this quest for almost whole week
    Solution would be to make every boss always drop 1 shadow crystal and other mobs have a chance od droping it. At least we have a regular income of shadow crystals this way.

    5th: Guild battle: can u add surrender button Like most server i read we have 2 strong guilds the rest is so so. We just waste time there. And if they surrender we get the 850 insignia, honor reward not 1000. Or id+f no1 from enemy guild shows up its insta win.

    6th: coud we get a way to see the stats of our troops and i mean stats of troops per troup count we have equiped on us. I personaly would like to have that info about them. So if i have 900 troup count of knights, academy all 45 for example then what are the stats of my knights in fight?

    7th: As ppl say battleground will need lvl dividing now cos this will rly be painfull for ppl under 50 Best solution i read from some1 was to divide according to gear. So the 1st make 30-44, then 45-54, 55-64 and so on.Seem fair.

    8th: Dont know if its just me but if i expand my chat it gets buged and wont refresh itself to last post and i have to manualy scroll down... this is since last maintanceor maybe 2 maintaince ago now.

    Think thats all at least for now
    Hope the right ppl read this... usually this is just wishfull thinking but still hoping
    Other write ur opinions or add some... Trolls and haters which always find these threads 1st be gone :P
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    1. There is a lot of balancing issues and potential abuse that comes with this. Be patient.
    2. I kind of agree here but it is gambling and just live with it I guess.
    4. 1 or 2 days every time for me. You are doing something wrong if you can't get more. Running all 3 of your group dungeons?
    5. Guild battle is broken with all the no shows and such but I disagree with surrender. Think things through please.
    6. When you click on your troops to level their skill up, is this what you are looking at? Or is the troop count not taken into consideration?
    7. This is a beaten horse, and many agree changes need to be implemented but I disagree with this. Level 44 in the lower tier is just too much.


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      Originally posted by R24877577 View Post
      1. There is a lot of balancing issues and potential abuse that comes with this. Be patient.
      true , i've been thinking i can make myself 10 alt acc and keep improve farm , after that i put lvl1 crystaloid etc. in aution house and use my alt to buy them in gold :3
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        Originally posted by terayaki2 View Post
        true , i've been thinking i can make myself 10 alt acc and keep improve farm , after that i put lvl1 crystaloid etc. in aution house and use my alt to buy them in gold :3
        yes indeed... trading is open to the kind of abuse terayaki mentioned.

        currently, R2 has implemented one attribute to help prevent some abuse (eventually): the bound/unbound attribute.

        afaik, bound items will definitely be untradeable (unless R2 implements a sort of synthesise formula to reverse the bound attribute). this means you can't trade anything that has been worked on by your blacksmith (no enchanted, socketed, synthesised or refined item is tradeable). therefore it seems only fresh MP dungeon drops are possibly tradeable (crypt and campaign drops are bound iirc).

        as mentioned, this includes the elusive Shadow Crystals, a potential target for abuse which can be "fixed" by simply improving its drop rate (if it dropped more regularly i doubt players would go to the trouble of setting up an alt just for these daily quest items).

        other smaller drops may also represent some temptation for alt-abuse: crystaloids, soul crystals, epic fragments, gems, etc. indeed, a "hardworking" alt-abuser could get soul engraving VERY HIGH with a few alts feeding his main soul crystals everyday... yet the solution to this is also quite simple: make stackable drops BOUND even when dropped in MPD. i am fairly certain the game's drop rates was balanced around these stackable drops being for self-use only.

        with just MP dung item drops to deal with, the only other form of abuse i can think of is massing items into a main account and selling for gold -- a rather small benefit, since most blue items only sell for about 4k gold. for alt accounts to obtain these items, you will need to manually run each alt thru the MP dungeons (or somehow set up a clicker to do so). in short, it would be A LOT OF WORK for rather paltry profit, once the stackable items are excluded.

        are there other items which are created unbound? i know that altar blessings are bound, and i imagine VIP spins are also bound (i can't remember from my 2h VIP pass).

        if there are no other sources of unbound items, perhaps the potential for abuse isn't that serious? or perhaps R2 knows of some form of abuse which i can't think of yet...


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          Check out my post with stuff from the chinese server. They are on version 1.6. And BTW, market is run entirely on balens in the chinese version.