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What's the future of Flash in Wartune?

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  • What's the future of Flash in Wartune?

    With all the crashes of Flash and its plugins, I won't miss it. Now that Adobe and the industry have agreed that Flash has reached the end of its useful life, will games be migrated to a new format, such as HTML5?

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    ur aving a laugh r2 or their devs wont change this game to html5 cuz its too hard work for them to re encode everything

    so this game will use flash untill flash breaks down this game


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      Flash won't be updated as it is on its peak. Most games out there are either through Unity (Vega Conflict) or HTML5 or some other high end graphics engine. To be told that flash needs to be updated is something I would laugh at this point. Might as well ride WT until the doors come closing down as the devs don't know nothing of backwards compatibility when it comes to programming their game.
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