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Please stop making new server

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  • Please stop making new server

    Sorry if Im being rude...
    But I think R2 need to stop releasing new server right now.
    From what I see, many complain come from new server while the old server didn't meet that problem (or can be said; less problem).
    I can't open new server, but Im doing fine on older server.

    really, just stop to realease a new one and try to fix problem on new server right now.
    Then you can start to throw up another new server as many as you want.

    There's no point to release server that can't be played or encounter many problem.

    Sorry for being rude and thank you.
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    Who will pay if there are no new srrvers?
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      There are so many people who wants to be on top but came a bit late you see... So R2Games decided to spread the heavy cash players across multiple servers so that they can enjoy their position as server top.
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        That why I said they can make another new server as much as they want after they finish fixing bug on newer server right now.
        How can people become a top player or starting to pay when they got many problem? =="
        I'll seriously just stop playing when I encounter that problem in past.
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          They need to merge more than 2-4 servers twice a month. THey release about 24 new servers per month and only merge like 4-8 servers per month. If they just merged at least the same amount of servers that they do for releasing new servers. Then it wouldn't be as bad. The population of this game is so very little that no server can really have any kind of fun. Higher level MPs are harder andhard to get and even lower lvl MPs are starting to be rare. You need to find a special group of people and you MUST attend there time or you will miss out of the MP runs for the day. These kind of games do not have the population for 5000000000 million servers each month.


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            i do agree... in the deathly sands which is just lvl 40+ and its a god dang wasteland, nobody is around. you have to teleport your hero like everyday u want to attack someone and your spending 5 mins trying to find people, these guys are really bad at making games, they got a good thing going here, but they really know how to eff up the details, like star shards, u train ur mount 5 times, oblivion in my server... overpowered... and they win 50 training whips for winning guild war round 1. so now everyone from oblivion you know got the white alpacka, how fair is that?? only way that people other than oblivion could have gotten that, was from using alchemy over and over making us spend real life money, just because the #1 guild is too much of an @$$h0l3 to care about anyone under lvl 50


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              they see this is business , not a game
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                Half of my guild members don't active anymore. I know the reason is new server. Most likely
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