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    I've grown very fond of Wartune...However they have an event where you go into the arena and combat other folks from different servers, let alone people from the same server.

    It's a really cool feature. But when you start the session it says, "Matching...".

    For the life of me I can't figure out what it's matching.

    I've come up with a theory, ( It's the shoe size ) am I correct?

    Im really curious to know this answer, doe's anybody know?

    Plz, for the love of God, don't tell me that it matches skills and lvls etc.

    If that were true, Wartune has some serious Mathematics issues.

    Have fun and have a nice day.

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    It's based on the average level of your team and as time elapsed during the matching process the gap between allowable teams widens. There are apparently other small factors that are not divulged at this time.


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      Matching the Average Battle Rating of the team.


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        Dumptruck is a mage I recognize through these arena battles.

        Sometimes it will throw in an oddball team that destroys you in 45 sets when your team is all about level 38. And sometimes I run across a mix of players in 20 gear an 35 sets and I am with mages in 45 gear.

        Generally the matching system is far better than what it was before cross-server. If you are fighting with people with very close battle rankings then you will have a better time than if you are all quite different in rankings.


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          I find the "matching" to be crude and offensive, what it should say is, closing my digital eyes... moving my cyber finger over other parties aaaaaaaaaand you fight them. Whether in an evenly ranked party or wildly different, the matching sucks and blows! On the bright side, you stand as much chance of being matched against a weak group as a tough group. (^_^)


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            i think i depend ur team, if one in your team lv50+, you opp will match with lv50++
            Name : Zerith
            Server : (S11) Banshee Wetlands
            Class : Archer

            Guild : Pride

            im just a student sooo i dont have money


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              24877577 is right.

              My Arena team has experienced this. A good reason for the odd team that comes in a wipes us out might be there is noone else to fight so it jumps to the next BR bracket and chooses them. We would win 15 straight and then have 1 come along and pound us into the floor. Very strange.

              I'm lvL 46 but when I with my arena team I throw my 35 set on to get my BR below 20,000. My team is with 2 Knights, Wirey and Kurokaze, and they both have roughly 17,000 to 20,000 BR. We try to keep it well within range. We have been keeping track of our wins and losses and so far doing it the way we have been has proved fruitful. Currently our Record is 225 wins and 15 losses.

              Someone else might want to try this for confirmation. It been best for us to keep the BR as close as possible.