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Smelt Stones in flash sale

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  • Smelt Stones in flash sale

    That is a really bad joke to offer 1000 Smelt stones for 1000 balens and the dont show sold out at the 1st view .
    You can only see that if you want to buy them. All other items are shown as sold out. Why not do the same with this item?????
    Oh i forget you could buy them 4 x 1000 and then you may recharge 4000 balens. This is really a bad policy.

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    yes what is going on with this in flash sale for the 1k smelt stones for 1k balens when the time remaining was up and it suppose to reset it didnt it still had sold out this has happened twice now when i first loged in it had sold out then when it waited the 4hrs and it said still sold out what is going on why put it in flash sale only for it not to work lmao


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      There is a limit of 10 per server so they will go pretty quick. Making this only available to a very limited number of people is a really bad idea.