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World map

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  • World map

    I think the world map (the land where our cities and gold mines are) should be more populated by monsters and there should also be more treasure chests.
    As it is now, the map is... just boring.
    We have to keep scrolling around for quite a while to encounter a monster or a treasure chest.
    The "landscape" tends to be monotonous and not super-interesting, which makes the endless scrolling more tedious.
    Maybe more trees, forests, mountains, lakes... just something that would make it visually more appealing

    Also, I think the map could use some sort of "zoom out" feature.

    I DO like the occasional clouds floating above the ground, though
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    i like this, i agree.


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      Great post completely agree!!!


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        we have alot of monsters
        anymore then it will be a daru mine

        the treasure chest is supposed to be hard to get thats why its a treasure chest
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          Originally posted by Hyorinmaru6 View Post
          the treasure chest is supposed to be hard to get thats why its a treasure chest
          Well, that would make sense if the items inside the chests really were treasures.
          I mostly got white items, maybe a very few green ones, so that's isn't exactly a "treasure"
          And yeah, the more valuable items probably are there, with really low drop chance, but in that case no need to make the chests super rare, too.

          Didn't know about the Daru mine, though.
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            LOL there are no "Daru Mine", he means that if there were more monsters than there are now & if they spawned more frequently than normal, that it would practically be like a mine. It would turn into a grind, similar to how players would level up in WoW by using just the pigs lol.
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              4-5k per monster on the Deathly Sands map is hardly a daru mine.
              By then, you need about 1.5million++ darus to level up your knights (2million if your knights are about level 50).

              You've to grind it out so slowly (and also a waste of time).

              So I sort of agree with the OP. Maybe increase the number of wandering monsters 1.5 times.
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                In the Sands, you actually have a chance to get more, up to 20k Daru, on higher level monster packs (near to 50). Similar appear to exist on all maps.

                Wilds monsters are not such a neglectible source of Daru... They helped me a lot catching up on my knights level, after having stopped a bit late using griffins.

                I agree that a kind of zoom feature would likely help not getting bored while searching targets in the Wilds...
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                  must agree zoom out would help out so much!