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Eudaemon growth level

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  • Eudaemon growth level

    I dont understand the growth level for the eudaemon's , no matter what I do, my level bar isnt moving, I need to increase it to lvl 7 so I can get a Blood Demon.
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    The way growth lvl work is basically the lvl of your highest eudeamon from each kind of eudeamon x 100. So right now, your highest lvl Sanctuary hunter is lvl 11 (so 1100 growth pts). Only your highest Sanctuary hunter will count though so even if you have another lvl 9 sanctuary hunter, for example, only your lvl 11 will count.
    Since you get a growth lvl every 1000 growth pts, that mean you will need a total of 1300 pts in extra (so 13 lvl) to be lvl 7. What I keep suggesting to other ppl in my guild is to make sure to get every possible eudeamon via exchange event. So the next time there an event to get new eudeamon, you should really try to get the Frost Dwarf and the Flying rabbit that you are missing. You will only need one of them been lvl 6 and the other will need to be lvl 7 and you will then get a growth lvl of 7
    What you could do though if you can't wait for that event or if you don't want to spend event item would be to summon those 2 missing eudeamons.
    The Flying Rabbit can be summoned if you have the material for her and if you have a growth lvl 5; The Frost Dwarf need a lvl 6 growth lvl.
    Have a wonderful day


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      Unless you have the extra eudaemons to run patrols, I'd probably just invest in trading event items for the ones you're missing when that comes around. I have a lot of eudaemons built up, and patrolling for the resources to summon more is still a pain. Better to just save the ones you can collect to eventually summon the blood demon.


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        Here it shows you only have 6 types of eudaemon, and non is lvl 12, that would not fill the EXP bar to reach lvl 7.
        You need to either upgrade 4 to lvl 12 plus 2 to lvl 11, or summon more eudaemon types and upgrade them to fill the exp bar.
        It's probably much easier to summon the other 3 eudaemons and upgrade them to a lower level than to upgrade existing ones. GL.