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White iron?

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  • White iron?

    Any idea where to find white iron? It says in the description that I can get it from the guild shop but I cant see it there and I'm finding it almost impossible to find anywhere else. Bounty target was giving it for the first few days but that seems to have dropped off recently. At this rate I can enchant 1 piece of equipment by 1 level every few days. And this is common equipment! I dread to think how long will it take when its upgraded to uncommon. Only other place I can see it is to buy it

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    Bounty targets give out white iron, I am at lvl 94 and still see white iron. They may not show up every single day in bounty targets.

    The 30 minute online rewards have them as well during certain events and iirc, some hot event exchanges has them. Can't recall where else to get them at the moment.


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      I get like over 100 white iron each week at least. depends on drop ratio in bounty targets.