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Astral question pls help ty

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  • Astral question pls help ty

    Hi wartune ppl do any of your know if agis major and goddess blessing astrals stack ? Ie i get both their benefits if i equip both

    if so which one activates first? Since basic maths tells me it wd be better if damage was reduced by % then the flat reduction

    some smarty pants pls answer my qn ty

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    Check out this thread:

    According to the thread, Goddess Blessing and Aegis don't stack.
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      waaaa thx so much luckily i hvnt wasted 7k pts


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        And what even this Aegis do O.o
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          reduce damage with the same amount as what the astral describe.
          If it says reduces damage value by 40, then it reduce damage 40 point
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            It will not let you equip both at same time. System message pops up denying it