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Attacking other players

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    Arandeath Hmm, subtle. Since the time of my last message to now, I have 10 folks that are other than me on my crew. There were a few hits on them (and as they tell me) that I would break out the torpedoes from mothballs and load them into the tubes to go after said targets/guild of origin. Of course the opposing guild want to bring in their big guns and hope to send a message (maybe, if we threw the first punch; it doesn't work when they throw the first punch that we will continue despite any and all "lucid" threats being thrown at us). Still, it's fun to take the fight to them and watching their members scramble for the hills.

    Five hours could be good and as an incentive for them to move onto other targets, but in order for them to be truly effective, one will have to put all their gold into animals so the offender will take little to nothing for the first strike. As long as you give them a leeway to siphon you by being careless, they will keep coming.
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